The DealWorkshop

Where deals are made. Because they don’t just happen.


Have something to sell?


There are countless opportunities all around us, of real estate, businesses, and ideas for sale. Practically everything is for sale.

There are vast acres of land, forests, lakes, agricultural opportunities, plots of land for construction, commercial real estate, factories and plants with complete infrastructure, resort property, mining locations and thermal spas, fabulous residential projects, permits, plans, and entire buildings, hotels, office space, large developments, working businesses, turnkey solutions, as well as inventions, patents, advanced business plans, tested product ideas, high-tech solutions to burning problems in healthcare, agriculture, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, startups, industrial and commercial solutions, promising experiments, and the list goes on and on and on…

Owners of the opportunities are looking for investors who will take them to the next level, and professionals who will give them wings.

We are very excited about it, come and join the revolution!

If you need to attract capital…


Want to make money?


Without the dedicated work of professionals investors would not find the opportunities and owners of projects would never be able to attract the capital to make it a reality.

Professionals are economists, architects, engineers, doctors, accountants, lawyers, programmers, marketers, advertising and design specialists, copywriters, highly qualified workers, people trained in the arts and sciences, and experienced negotiators, diplomats, educators, and researchers. Professionals are mechanics, stone masons, carpenters, HVAC experts, chimney sweeps, and tailors…

Many of whom are looking for a job.

We encourage the professionals to think outside the box and approach the Owners of Opportunities and Investors directly with a proposal to be part of the Deal with a guaranteed stake.

Come and meet the Owner and the Investor as a partner, not a subcontractor or an employee!

If you would like to jump start the deal for a larger share…


Need a better return?


There is so much money out there looking for a trusted investment project with a decent return on investment and appropriate guarantees.

Capital is constantly being relocated to better producing investments globally. Investors, their agents, entrusted lawyers, financial advisors, fund managers, and bankers are unceasingly analyzing opportunities for yield, risk, and possible exit strategies. They are in need of feasibility studies, trusted information, verified business plans, certified valuations, and insider tips on real estate, businesses, and inventions.

Investors are looking for viable opportunities which will boost their portfolios, and they need professionals who will sift through the seemingly insurmountable amount of information to enable decision making.

This is a place where specific opportunities are explored from an investor’s perspective, not a sales agent’s.


If you would like to take a peek at deals in the making…