ownerIt’s great to be an owner of something. You exercise control, you have power, and you have responsibility. It commands authority. Things we own can become liabilities or assets. The discovery of a revenue stream an asset can produce is very exciting.

Often we don’t even have to own the asset, it is enough if we exercise sufficient control over it for the time of the investment. For example agricultural investments where the investor uses the farmer’s land to produce crops with his or her own seed. The farmer gets the pre-arranged price for the harvested crop and the investor can sell it on the market as if it was his or her own produce. The farmer doesn’t have to deal with the marketing, the investor doesn’t have to have deep agricultural knowledge. The farmer is the Owner of the land, the investor is the Owner of the crops. If done well, both make a profit.

In order to realize the potential revenue stream we need to develop the Opportunity so it becomes a Deal. We must invest into the property or business to bring out its true income-generating potential. If something works on a small scale, we assume it will be an even greater success when done large scale. This is why smart Owners are often looking for capital, they are seeking funding for their projects, investment to maximize their profits, and subsidies to optimize the processes.

What do you own? A piece of land? A property? Timeshare? Financial assets? A share in a business? An idea? Special know-how? A product? A work of art or entertainment for which you should be getting royalties? Software? A collection? Race horses? Patented technology? Heirloom seeds? A factory? A fish farm? A heliport? A taxi cab? Special equipment to rent? An exclusive right to colonize Mars? What do you own?

Whether we are trying to sell the whole thing, as is, to an Investor, or trying to do a joint venture with a silent partner, we need to figure out how to make the asset attractive. We want people to throw money at us, so it must be astonishingly good.

This planning process of creating a real Deal out of an Opportunity is not done on the back of an envelope. The initial spark may come from that cafe doodle, but then you come to the point where you must involve the Expert. As an Owner you need to assemble a team and produce an investment product. This is completely different from just finding a buyer. It’s a different profession, so involve people who are experts in the field. As an Owner, you must think out of the box, move out of your comfort zone, and go through a paradigm shift in order to be competitive on the Investment market. Think different.

The DealWorkshop provides exactly this environment where you can build a team of professionals who will build your product. Your existing asset will only be a part of the new investment product. For example it sounds much better when you say you are selling the fusion of a high-tech solar power station and an organic poultry farm, than just a piece of rural agricultural land for sale. You will realize that making your asset part of a larger system, or creating a system for your asset, is much more effective in attracting capital, than just advertising it for sale. The DealWorkshop asks you the right questions to bring the most out of what you own.