visionDealWorkshop is a vibrant investment community connecting Investors, Owners, and Experts. The workshop is noisy from the sounds of the Web 3.0 revolution, where apprentices are making connections and learning the skills of the trade. As the skilled tradesmen and craftswomen complete their tasks along the conveyor belt of opportunities, their product is suddenly snatched out of the system when an exit, an investment is made, and there is no longer any need for the workshop for that particular opportunity, a deal has been struck. Often some of the professionals working on a project are taken along with the opportunity, and employed as project managers or regional representatives.

The DealWorkshop is an interim platform where everything is in transition. The products soon get purchased and the workers get hired away. However, first contracts are signed; agreements with contingency clauses, which ensure that as soon as an opportunity receives the anticipated investment, or any kind of benefit to Owner, Experts get paid. If you work for someone on a contingency basis, you agree that you will only be paid if you achieve a particular aim, for example, getting a successful result. The results are easily quantifiable. The more contracts are signed in advance, the higher the chance for deals to be made and Experts to be paid.

So essentially the DealWorkshop produces contracts between parties based on lists of jobs, tasks to be performed. The result of these contracts is the work which eventually brings Owners of opportunities closer to Investors, ultimately producing actual deals. In the meantime, Experts have the chance to bid for specific projects and cash in as soon as an agreement is reached. Since it is the interest of several parties to successfully close a deal, there is more of a chance for a win-win solution.   

Owners have finally found a team to realize their dreams. The DealWorkshop provides a transparent system for rewarding Experts who helped attract capital through their expertise. Projects which have been stuck for long years have finally moved out of stagnation and a number of eager professionals are looking for solutions to make them into lucrative deals. The professionals are motivated because they have a signed promise in their hands which ensures a higher pay than the simple hourly wages of a freelancer.  

Investors are delighted to use a system which lets them view deals in the making, have influence over the processes, and recruit future employees on the fly. They can also build a team and obtain a wealth of information about entire industries free of charge. As soon as they see an opportunity produce the numbers they wish to see in an investment, they have the chance to quickly move in and snatch it up, adding it to their portfolio, and develop it further outside the public arena of the DealWorkshop. If they do not move fast enough, the opportunity may be taken by another Investor who has also signed up to follow that particular deal. In any case, the Experts working on the deal, along with the Owner, the seller, are sure to get their share and the competition between Investors only benefits them.

The whole project has the air and atmosphere of the stock market, a world of expectation, where news about a company determines the value of its shares. There are people who see it as a game where the odds of winning are much higher than at the lottery or Las Vegas game rooms, yet there is this excitement of risk. Some have already mastered the skills and are better at the game than others, which increases their odds greatly. They know exactly which opportunities to bid for, where is it worthwhile to invest their skill and time. Others simply form a team of subcontractors and let them do the work. In any case, we are talking about real work, real contracts, real returns on investment, and real jobs.  

The system is producing dividends for shareholders, and opportunities for investment and employment. It enables local governments to attract capital to underdeveloped regions and create jobs where there is unemployment. Educational programs are built on the DealWorkshop so young people learn usable and marketable skills in a rapidly changing world. The 50+ experienced workforce finds attractive opportunities and bids for specific projects, offering expertise on lucrative niche areas. Experts are more self-assertive when they present themselves as partners in a deal instead of job seekers looking for vacancies. We learn to create jobs. The entire human resources industry is shaken and transformed because the risks and profits of business are shared by a wider community, and interactions are more balanced. The hierarchical role structure of the work place gives way to the deal-centered approach, where a team of partners recognizes the common interest and acts accordingly. A series of communication and automation tools assist the process, but ultimately cooperation is based on sound and transparent agreements made well in advance.